Sometimes You Just Gotta Fly

We hope you enjoy viewing Blue’s photo album. Click on the pictures to enlarge them and to bring up the controls for a slide show.

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    Cloud Dancing

    almost vertical

    This was one of those afternoons when the clouds and sky were calling me up to play. Use your imagination and put on that big grin as you dance around these middle-of-nowhere clouds. Go ahead... put those arms out...
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    Silver Lake

    dirt airstrip

    This runway in eastern Oregon doesn't get much use. You can see the mid field wind sock under the right wing. Those white tires mark the sides of the runway and Blue is lined up to take off in this direction. I used the small, brush free area visible under the right wing tip for landing and taking off.
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    dirt airstrip

    Wagontire is at 4,725' high and is only 2,000' long so it's not recommended on warm days. I always like to make a low, slow pass to check the condition of dirt fields before landing. Although this field was free of big obstacles for reasonably safe nose wheel use, I'm still very careful to keep the nose light on soft dirt. 
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    under the wing

    This sunrise at 12,000' was the beginning of a wonderful 1,600 mile adventure around parts of California, Nevada, and Oregon.
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    Super Cub


    Our friend Bob likes to fly to nearby lunch spots with the rag wing group and this morning the clouds were just lifting so we could clear the snowy mountains.
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    The shiny Cessna 140 (still a rag wing) cruising low and slow is Wild Man Roger, who also flies his 150hp Pacer with us occasionally. 

I also have a page with more fun photos of friend’s airplanes that you might enjoy.